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the lifew☀️rk challenge 

A 21-day, summer count-down challenge
centered on mindfully flowing into summer.

21-days dedicated to:

  • Doing the work & live the work  

  • Taking up space in your life & work for you 

  • Maximizing your time outside

  • Minimizing your screen time 

  • Working smart > hard

  • Reflecting on the last 6 months

  • Detecting what you want & need for the second of half the year


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21-days committed to doing the work

 This means: showing up for yourself daily, baring discomfort, not giving into habits you know

aren’t serving you and sticking to  the challenge no matter what.



Here’s how it works: 

  1. You sign up to #dolifework for 21 days

  2. Once you sign up, your challenge crewneck sweater will be shipped and on its way! 

  3.  In the meantime, you will be equipped with the challenge guidebook & kick-off workshop

  4. Starting June 1st you do the work & live the work daily

  5. Every Sunday, you receive an email with exclusive lifework resources that will empower you to do the “the work” for the week ahead 

  6. 21-days later - you will enter summer excited and ready to let summer sweep you off your feet while also equipped with the tools & habits to re-ground & re-center you when you need it. 

what’s included? 

an exclusive lifework crewneck sweater ​

  • a warm & cozy limited edition lifework sweater to keep you inspired & motivated to do the damn work all challenge long

weekly resources on how to do the work & live the work:

  • 4 recorded walking meditations

  • A lifework guidebook packed with clarifying exercises 

  • A kick-off workshop on how to approach the challenge and set yourself up for success

  • A weekly Sunday email packed with resources on how to do the work

pod-classes expert-lead workshops

  • 4 + recorded lifework "pod-classes" that are grounded in life coaching, elevated by experts 

a lit-up members-only community

  • access to an exclusive lifework community that is OFF social media so you can disconnect while also, staying connected 

some serious accountability

  • To make sure you actually DO THE WORK, I’ve got a serious accountability system in place

your coach

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