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on a mission to make the power of doing (& living) the work more accessible, approachable, and cool.

hi, i'm fab 👋🏻

Before lifework, I worked in strategy & client success in the tech-startup world. Life was “good”. I had a great job with a promising career trajectory, lived in a cute lil apartment with my man (whom I knew was the one), and was going out & having fun with my friends every chance I could get. But, a large part of me also, felt kind of, sort of, lost. I didn’t feel fulfilled and although things looked good, they didn’t feel good. 

Through a very random course of events, I ended up getting my ICF life coaching certification, which pretty much means I did an intensive training program that taught me a ton of tools on why and how humans think, act and hold themselves back. As I was getting certified, I found myself slowly shifting away from feeling “lost” and toward true fulfillment. That’s when I realized the power of life coaching and couldn’t unsee it. 

So much so, that I made it mission to make sure more people (who feel how I felt) could have these powerful tools at their fingertips.

And…that’s how (& why)  Lifework was founded.  


I started @dolifework in 2019  in hopes to normalize feeling “good but also sort of kind of lost” and to make the power of future oriented self work (life coaching)  more known and viable as an alternative to therapy. 

Through 1:1 coaching and my monthly challenges, I now coach anyone who is ready and eager to “do the work” on themselves. Usually, people know the feeling they want to shift out of but they don’t know HOW. That’s where I come in. I help you figure out how to do it and hold you accountable to making it happen. 

When I am not coaching, I am either walking charlie - my golden pal, forcing my husband to wake up too early to catch a sunrise or climb a mountain, enjoying some wine and good food with my friends and family, working out or doing my morning ritual. 


the lifework method


1. the holistic approach

Rather than treating the surface symptoms & placing blame on one area of life, we’ll look at your whole life to identify what is out of alignment and what shifts need to be made. Then we do the work to ensure each domain of life is strategically optimized to live the life you most want to live. This is what I call, “life alignment".

2. do the work

In other words, lifework will empower you to “go there”. To get vulnerable, be honest with yourself and to stop dismissing, denying or deflecting those knowing whispser that have been telling you “not this”. Doing the work is all about baring the discomfort necessary to make the changes you want to make. 

lifework slideshow 9.jpg
3. live the work

At the end of the day, we all just want to be happy. But how can you be happy if you don’t make time for the things that make you happy? That’s what living the work is all about. It’s about taking up time &  space in your life & work for the things that matter most to you. In anything & everything lifework offers, you’ll be empowered to & equipped on how to truly & honestly live the work. 

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