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...for the good, but also, sort of, kind of lost souls.

you're good: 

  • You are well into a promising career

  • You are financially stable 

  • You’ve got a good support system

  • You’ve got some good friends & fam 

  • You have good times here and there 

  • You're healthy 

  • You do some personal development work 

  • You work really fu*ckin hard - career, friends, yourself, relationships 

  • All the “boxes” have been checked

but you’re also, 

sorta...kinda… lost: 

  • You did all the right steps … now what? 

  • You’re burnt out and you know this can't go on 

  • On a daily, weekly or monthly basis, subtle whispers come up and say “not this” 

  • You're going through the motions 

  • You feel you don’t have a full sense of self 

  • You feel out of alignment 

  • You aren’t totally fulfilled 

  • The hard work you put in doesn't seem to match the outcome

  • You wish you could just pause, stop and think 

  • You have a loud and prominent inner critic 

  • You have an idea of how you’d like to feel but you don’t know how to get there 

  • You don’t know WHAT it is you need, but you know you need something

 cohort open for enrollment

the program

~ An 8-week program intended to hold the time and space for you to do the inner & outer work necessary to shift from good to great and from sort of kind of lost to totally, absolutely secure in who and where you are. In 8-weeks you will learn how to find real life-alignment, you will pin-point what is it you need and how to get you there, you will finally quiet your inner critic and amplify your inner knowing, and you will figure out your unique life formula. 

the process 

~ Each week you will do the work.
~ It will be a combination of inner & outer work.

~ The inner work is mindset-related. It will be practiced in your sessions with fab and your weekly journaling prompt & exercises. 

~ The outer work is action-oriented. It will be practiced as you go about your day/week. 

~All of the work is meant to hold the time and space for you to:

  1. put yourself first

  2. identify your TRUE wants, need & desires

  3. help you get closer to a fulfilling & energizing life

the 8-weeks: 

~ 4 private sessions with me 

~ 4 live interactive group workshops - the inner work 

~ 4 recorded workshops - the outer work 

~ 8 weekly prompts & exercises sent to your inbox 

~ 4 lifework workbooks 

~ 1 Instagram Group with all spring cohort participants 

~ Ongoing email, text & IG support 

~ And a whole lot of accountability from me 

the inner work 

live interactive workshops  

  • The “Not this” Workshop  

  • Dismantling your Inner Critic 

  • Understanding your limiting vs. limitless Beliefs 

  • The “Yes this” workshop 

the outer work 

recorded workshops & workbooks

  • Morning Rituals 101 

  • Manifestation 101 

  • Habits 101 

  • Setting & sustaining healthy boundaries 

  • Shift, Set & Protect your Energy

your 1:1 sessions

private 1:1 sessions with me 

  • Session 1: "My Life"

  • Session 2: Inner Critic 

  • Session 3: Beliefs 

  • Session 4: The final work 


Fill out your name and email below for the next steps on how to sign up. 


I will be in touch within 24-hours!

talk soon!

intrigued but hesitant?

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Your Coach

Hi, I am fab 👋🏻

I am an ICF certified life coach which pretty much means I did a year-long intensive training program that taught me a ton of tools on why and how humans think, act and hold themselves back. Getting certified changed my life because every tool I learned, I applied to my own life. Some worked, some didn’t. But the ones that did work... really worked...and I made it my mission to make sure more people could have these tools at their fingertips.


I started @dolifework a year and a half ago but have been coaching for 3+ years now. I coach anyone who is ready and eager to “do the work” on themselves. Usually, people know the feeling they want to shift out of but they don’t know HOW. That’s where I come in. I help you figure out how to do it and hold you accountable to making it happen. 


When I am not coaching, I am either walking charlie - my golden pal, frolicking with my fiancé, friends and family or doing some sort of workout.