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Life Coach

Fabienne (Fab) Gordon, is an ICF certified professional life and career coach. Before coaching, she worked for firms of all sizes – from Silicon Valley startups to multinationals across Toronto. Throughout her career, she noticed that she gravitated towards facilitator roles, collaborative projects, and any opportunity where she could lead strategy sessions. Although she loves working with brands, she always had a dream to apply her strengths to people. This lead her to her IPEC certification and newfound dedication – bringing the power of coaching to her clients – through motivational workshops, corporate wellness, and personal sessions. Fab applied the Lifework model to her everyday life and she can't wait to share it with you. 

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Fitness expert

Alena is a strength & conditioning coach and creator of TRAINING2XL. She has her Masters of Sport Science & Recreation with a distinction in Coaching and is certified as a Strength and Conditioning Specialist with the National Strength & Conditioning Association. Alena has spent the last several years working as a strength coach at various universities and training facilities with elite-level athletes, and now continues to work with those athletes in sport along with athletes in life. She is passionate about helping others live and perform at their best whether it's educating about sound training techniques, proper nutrition or helping set goals. Alena's mission is to educate and empower all athletes whether they have a distinct playing field or not. 

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Nutrition Expert

Sarah Goldstein is a Toronto-based Nutritionist and runs a full-service nutrition practice offering 1:1 nutrition counselling, customized meal plans, group coaching and nutrition workshops for both corporate and community settings. Continually inspired by the power of food to promote overall well-being, Sarah’s goal is to help you feel your best in a way that works for you!

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Financial Expert

Elisabeth (Liz) Schieck is a Certified Financial Planner (CFP), Ontario Certified Teacher (OCT), media personality and financial literacy advocate. As a public speaker she has travelled across Canada speaking about all kinds of financial issues – everything from freelancing to investing to retirement planning to basic budgeting. Liz specializes in household and small business financial planning as well as retirement and disability planning. She loves helping people figure out all the messy money stuff to make their big goals happen.

Liz is also astonishingly good at predicting TV plot lines and has a deep and abiding love for melodramas and primetime soaps. So if you want to philosophize about Julie Cooper or Kelly Taylor, she’s your gal!

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Financial Advisor

Erik Wachman is a Financial Advisor with Assante Wealth Management Ltd. and Wachman Wealth Management. He obtained his Bachelor of Commerce degree from the Queen’s School of Business in 2011 and he completed his J.D. and LL.L. degrees in the Bilingual Law program at the University of Ottawa. Erik has worked in the financial services industry since 2014. He spent 5 years with the Royal Bank of Canada where he helped investment advisors, financial planners and their high-net worth clients with tax, legal and estate planning matters and lead in the development of a digital wealth management platform for clients and advisors.

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Career Expert

Through the power of coaching and mentorship, Kalyna equips clients to embrace doing work they love with online coaching, live workshops and speaking engagements around the world. With more professionals than ever before, Kalyna believes the career adventure is truly a journey and has worked to foster a community of those who are actively building lifestyle careers and taking imperfect action every single day.

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“I went into coaching with Fab knowing her approach was radically real and honest, so I decided to meet her with that energy wholeheartedly. And she met me right back, in more ways than I could have ever imagined.”

“She has the emotional intelligence on top of expertise, to empathize and help resolve the reality you have versus the one you could have.”

“After the most unexpected dark period of my life, she helped me grow back into my potential. Both in self-belief and action. And in a way that let me discover, then stay on track to what was best and true to my unique self.”

“Confidence, joy, self-compassion, boundaries, dream achievements - are just some of the areas she’s made such a remarkable impact on both my personal and professional life. She truly uplifts in spirit and soul, and I’m forever grateful to her.”

“The amazing thing about Alena is that she genuinely cares about her clients and aims to help them in whatever way she can.”

“Alena’s programs have definitely helped me feel more effective and efficient in the gym, as well as more comfortable when I cannot go to the gym.”

“She helps me feel more confident in the little things that I am doing ‘right’ to live the best life for myself. I am so grateful to have the opportunity to work with Alena consistently”   

" I can’t tell you how incredibly helpful Liz was. She has, literally, completely changed my outlook on my financial life. What before felt impossible, now feels doable. Where I saw no alternatives, now doors opened up. Quite frankly, it feels a bit like magic!”

"We always thought we had a pretty good understanding of our finances, but our portfolio had gaps. After sitting down with Erik, we now have a comprehensive plan that fits our lifestyle and long term goals.”

“What separates Erik beyond just his financial savvy, is his compassion and curiosity with his clients. His “investment” to understand our circumstances and goals showed that we meant more to him than just dollars and cents."

“Kalyna gave me the tools I need to make a change.”

 "Kalyna's approach is original in the sense that it got me to think about what I want to change in my life and how to actually do it" 

“I now know I deserve more than a 9-5 and pension thanks to Kalyna”

"Working with Sarah has been an incredible experience of care and growth. Sarah took an incredible amount of time to not only understand the present conditions impacting my health, but also my health history and past experience with food. She created a plan that not only helped me eat well around my allergies, she drew on expert knowledge to create a plan that was preventative in its approach...”

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