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A holistic life coaching 
practice for the good, but also, 
sort of kind of                 

make the power of doing (&living) the work, more accessible, affordable and approachable. 
provide you with the tools & support necessary to make the changes you know you need 
help you shift from good but, lost to great and secure in who & where you are


Founded in 2019 with the goal to normalize feeling “good but also sort of kind of lost” and to make the power of future-oriented self-work (life coaching)  more known and viable as an alternative to therapy. 

the good
— You’re well into a promising career 
— You’re financially stable
— You’ve got a great support system
— You’ve got some good family & friends 
— You have good times here and there
— You do some self development here and there
— You work really f*ckin hard at all areas of your life
the sorta lost
— You’re burnt out and know this can’t go on
— On a daily, weekly, or monthly basis - subtle
    whispers come up and say “not this” 
— You’re going through the motions
— You feel like you don’t have a full sense of self
— You feel out of alignment
— You aren’t feeling fulfilled
— You wish you could just hit pause
— You have a loud and prominent inner critic
— You have an idea of how you'd like to feel but you
    don’t know how to get there. 

what is life coaching?

Life coaching equips you with the tools & support you need to cultivate the future & life you want for yourself. It’s all about managing the present to build the future you want, where as therapy is about processing the past to manage the present.