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A holistic life coaching 
practice for the good, but also, 
sort of kind of                 

make the power of doing (&living) the work, more accessible, affordable and approachable. 
provide you with the tools & support necessary to make the changes you know you need 
help you shift from good but, lost to great and secure in who & where you are


Founded in 2019 with the goal to normalize feeling “good but also sort of kind of lost” and to make the power of future-oriented self-work (life coaching)  more known and viable as an alternative to therapy. 

the good
— You’re well into a promising career 
— You’re financially stable
— You’ve got a great support system
— You’ve got some good family & friends 
— You have good times here and there
— You do some self development here and there
— You work really f*ckin hard at all areas of your life
the sorta lost
— You’re burnt out and know this can’t go on
— On a daily, weekly, or monthly basis - subtle
    whispers come up and say “not this” 
— You’re going through the motions
— You feel like you don’t have a full sense of self
— You feel out of alignment
— You aren’t feeling fulfilled
— You wish you could just hit pause
— You have a loud and prominent inner critic
— You have an idea of how you'd like to feel but you
    don’t know how to get there. 

what is life coaching?

  • what exactly is life coaching?
    Simply said, a life coach equips you with the tools & support you need to cultivate the future & life you want for yourself. A coach, (that’s me!) helps you do proactive, future-oriented self-work vs. therapy is reactive, past-oriented self-work & discovery. Just like how there are many different ways to coach a sports team, I have my own method, tools and approach in helping you cultivate the future and life you want for yourself. and that method is doing lifework. All the tools, services & insights you will find on this website is grounded in this methodology. As your coach: I empower & challenge you do the work & live the work, I provide you with powerful "tools" to cultivate the life you want, I hold the time and space for you to be pro-active around how you want to do the work & live the work, and I guide you through clarifying, self-work exercises necessary to make long-term changes in your life.
  • what's the difference between life coaching & therapy?
    Therapy is reactive, past-oriented self-work & discovery vs. Life coaching is proactive, future-oriented self-work. Therapy helps you process the past to manage the present vs. Coaching helps you manage the present to reach your full potential. Therapy is focused on problems rooted in the past to restore the present vs. Coaching is focused on present problems (obstacles) to cultivate your future. Therapy takes someone from negative to zero. Coaching takes someone from zero (or neutral) to positive. Therapy empowers you to process & be. Coaching is action-oriented, both present & future oriented work .
  • how do I figure out what kind of support I need right now?
    First get clear on how you are feeling. Then try and identify if how you are currently feeling, is as a result of a past event that you have yet to process OR due to a lack of tools & knowledge on how to shift out of that feeling. If it’s due to a past event, I recommend therapy (first) If it’s due to a lack of tools, I recommend coaching.
  • do you do corporate coaching?
    Yes for over four years now, I’ve facilitated interactive workshops with companies and firms of all sizes, like Deloitte, IBM, SALT XC, Kijiji Canada, Edelman..etc, centered on mitigating employee burnout & ways to foster more joy, fulfillment, and balance between life & work. My unique approach to corporate coaching has proven to help reduce uncertainty, mitigate employee burnout, induce a feeling of control and help individuals/teams foster joy & fulfillment in both their personal and professional lives. If you are interested in learning more about my corporate coaching offering, please contact me directly and I’ll send you my corporate package.
  • what qualifies you as a life coach?
    I am glad you asked! Though the term “coach” gets thrown around loosely, I am a true credential coach that has been trained professionally. Prior to starting lifework, I got my ICF certification & got trained as a professional executive life coach for over 2 years. My coaching certifications: ICF certified life coach (International Coaching Federation) IPEC certified coach (International Professional Executive Coach) Energy Leadership Practitioner (ELI) In the process: Meditation Practitioner / Teacher Certification My life experiences: 8 Years in the corporate, startup world working Founded Lifework in 2019 Undergrad graduate MIT, Western University And many many many years of “feeling good, but also lost”
  • how can I work with you?
    There are multiple ways we can work together! Option 1 - You can work with me in a 1:1 setting. You purchase a package of 5, 8 or 10 sessions. We meet on a weekly or bi-weekly basis and we do the work necessary to make the shifts you’ve been craving to make. Option 2 - Participate in my lifework challenges. This is my most affordable, accessible and impactful option that will give you a taste of the power of doing/living the work. Option 3 - Keep an eye out for my lifework cohort (coming this fall). This program is a hybrid of the lifework challenge & my 1:1 coaching. The best way to figure out if lifework is the support you need is to schedule a free 20-min session.
  • how much does working with you cost?
    My mission is to make the power of life coaching affordable and accessible. This is why I offer multiple “tiers” of support & ways to work with me. 1:1 Coaching: The price range varies between the package of sessions you choose but the more sessions you commit to, the lower the price/session. Sessions range between $150-180. I offer customized payment plans to make sure it's feasible for you. Lifework Challenges: The lifework challenge costs $90. It’s honestly PACKED with resources that you have life-time access to. Lifework Cohort (hybrid of 1:1 coaching & group coaching): The lifework cohort is an 8-week program that costs $900 (three payments of $300). Again, it’s packed with resources, workbooks & workshops that you have lifetime access to. To figure out if lifework is worth your investment (as I recognize how hard it is to spend money on ourselves...), I recommend scheduling a free 20-min intro session with me. You can book HERE!

Life coaching equips you with the tools & support you need to cultivate the future & life you want for yourself. It’s all about managing the present to build the future you want, where as therapy is about processing the past to manage the present. 

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