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Meet Steph

before lifework, how did you feel ?

My energy level was low, I was struggling to get to my personal to-dos and found them overwhelming, and couldn't find enjoyment in my day to day routine.

what shifts did you experience from doing lifework?

I learned how to prioritize myself and my personal life as much as I do with my career. Fab helped me structure my days so my personal to-dos were manageable and also enjoyable. I was also able to get clear on my life mission which in turn, helped me get clear on who I am and what is important to me. Overall, thanks to lifework, I know how to work hard while still staying in balance. My burnout is gone and I truly find joy in my day-to-day life.

if you were to leave a note to anyone who was considering investing in lifework what would you say?

It's 100% worth the investment. My life on the outside probably seemed great before I started working with Fab but now it actually feels great for me on the inside too.


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