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Meet Sophie

Age: 29

Profession: Investment banking

Lifework completed: Fall 2021 Cohort + on going coaching & two challenges

before lifework, how did you feel?

I felt lost & burntout. Most specifically in my career but, all the other domains of my life were also suffering.

did you feel “good but also kind of lost”?

Oh yesss…

what was good?

Everything in my life that's on “paper” was “good”. I had an impressive job in investment banking✔️, great relationship ✔️, a nice apartment ✔️, supportive friends and family ✔️…etc. The problem was….although it appeared to be good…it didn't feel good.

what felt lost?

What wasn't on the "paper" was how incredibly burntout I was from my work and the ripple effect it was having on my entire life. I felt LOST on how to establish better work-life balance and on how to just generally feel present and fulfilled in my day-to-day.

I didn't want things to just appear as good, I wanted them to feel good too.

what shifts did you experience from doing lifework?

Through working with Fab, I realized what was truly important to me and started making those things a REAL priority in my life. I got a new job, I started journaling and meditating everyday. Thanks to doing lifework, not only are things good but I also FEEL the good everyday.

would you recommend lifework to a friend?

100%. I'd recommend working with Fab in a 1:1 setting and doing her challenges. Both have served me in such unique and powerful ways.

I also want to note that recently I was going through something and my first thought was “I gotta talk to Fab”. I love that I have her on my team and am confident that with her coaching and the tools she's provided me, I will always be able to get through whatever comes my way.

Do the work!!! Specially if you’re trying to find your path & want to form healthy habits and practice.


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