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Meet Morgan

before lifework how did you feel?

ooooo, I was feeling….burnt-out (without wanting to admit it), inadequate in all parts of my life, with a heaping side of lethargy. Entrepreneurship in a pandemic with high expectations for myself didn't blend well, so it turned my life inside out. I was working non-stop which made it impossible to find the energy to do the work that would bring me back to myself. I felt like I was in a vicious cycle and could not see my way out of it.

did you feel “good but also kind of lost”?

I didn't feel "good," but I knew I could get there -- I knew I had the potential and I had snippets of the life I want, but I felt lost on how to get there. I needed someone to help forge the path with me (spoiler…that became Fab).

what shifts did you experience from doing lifework?

Tangible shifts: I meditate more. I am more aware of how I ACTUALLY spend my time versus how I WANT to spend my time, and able to make the behaviour change more easily. (ie. I'll catch myself doom-scrolling on the insta, and instead go upstairs to stretch or move or journal). I also check in with myself more and my actions are more driven based on "how I want to feel" (more fulfilling), rather than "what do I want to check-off/accomplish" (less fulfilling). And non-tangible shifts: I am farrrrrrrrr nicer to myself, which doesn't suck the energy out of me like it did before (this is a work in progress, but I'm v. happy with the progress).

if you were to leave a note to anyone who was considering investing in lifework what would you say?

The lifework challenges provide tools to get more out of your days, weeks and months, but it's been SO valuable to have a coach (Fab) that you can so easily turn to when life challenges you in new and scary ways. Life is happening, now. You could continue to envision the life that you want for yourself, or the potential you have in this life orrrrrrr you can do the work and actually make it happen through small, meaningful changes. That's what Fab will help you do. Invest in yourself! You will not regret it.


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