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Meet Marija

before lifework, did you feel “good but also kind of lost”?

Absolutely, yes. It was early in the pandemic so there was a lot of crappy stuff going on, but I was really basking in how it allowed me to slow down. For the first time in years, I had time to put myself and my needs first and that felt really good

but... I also felt lost.

I felt lost on how to actually meet those needs (given that putting myself first was a new thing for me), lost on what I wanted out of my career & the many other domains of life and lost on how to “scratch" this underlying itch I had that was telling me there was more out there for me. That's where lifework & Fab came in.

what shifts did you experience from doing lifework?

My life and approach to life has been completely transformed through doing lifework. Fab really met me where I was with an immense amount of kindness and helped me get started on my personal development journey. I found an appreciation for things like getting 8hrs of sleep, waking up early, doing the dishes - things that make me feel loved and cared for by me. On top of that, I've really started to gain self-confidence and learned how to work WITH myself rather than try to change myself. Before lifework, I didn't realize that I was setting myself up for failure by trying to change who I was and trying to do too much. This was a huge breakthrough for me and is something Fab continues to help me with 2 years later - never judging me for continuing to set the bar impossibly high and helping me bring it to a level that is still high but reachable with hard work. All of this has led to such positive change in my life: - I'm in a wonderful relationship that keeps getting better every day - I ran my first half marathon - I've started at a company that excites me and gives me the flexibility to live the work - I feel way more attuned to my feelings and my anxiety finally feels manageable There are so many shifts. Overall, doing lifework has helped me feel proud of who I am & what I am able to do in both life and work.

if you were to leave a note to anyone who was considering investing in lifework what would you say?

Doing the work won't be easy, but once you start it becomes essential. Your eyes will be opened to how you could be living and it becomes so hard to go back to a version of yourself that doesn't prioritize that. So, if you're thinking of investing in lifework... DO IT. It is the best investment I've made into myself and my future to-date.


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