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Meet Maryann

Age: 27

Profession: Senior Consultant, Public Relations & Pilates Instructor

Lifework completed: Cohort, 4 + Challenges & on-going coaching (3 years of doing lifework)

why did you decide to do lifework?

I was desperate for a change of perspective. I felt totally depleted from my life and like I couldn't keep up. I was always running from one thing to another and felt like I could never be fully present because I was so distracted. Work was taking over my life (I believe at the time I called it the heartbeat to my life and I hated it so much). I was sick of it and beyond the point of burnout. I was craving permission to slow down but didn't know how I was going to achieve that because I always felt behind in respect to what was already planned/booked for my week, month, year ahead. I was living in anticipation of the next thing vs being present in the current moment. I was tired and knew I needed support in making a change - so I decided to do lifework and work with Fab in hopes it would help.

what shifts did you experience from doing lifework?

omg…where do I even begin!!?

Thanks to working with Fab, I was able to completely shift my perspective. Through our work together, I realized in everything I was doing, I was operating out of fear. I was constantly in fight mode, when I did not need to be.

Fab helped me realize I was SAFE. She helped me see that I had choices and that I could still be a high performer at work & good friend while also, prioritizing myself and the things that FUEL me. I now feel way more in control of my decisions and how I approach my life. I'm able to quickly recognize when I am out of alignment and make the change that's needed to get back in alignment. My relationship with work has changed, which has not only kept burnout at bay but it's also positively impacted all the other areas of my life.

I could honestly go on and on ...but overall, thanks to Lifework… I have a healthier lifestyle, relationships & boundaries. I feel in control & equipped to work through the good and the bad. I know who I am, what I want and what I need.

if you were to leave a note to anyone who was considering investing in lifework what would you say?

Lifework is the best gift you can give yourself. It's a chance to get to know yourself better and an opportunity to uncover the things you love within a framework that shows you how to shift perception, and ultimately get closer to a life that belongs to YOU and nobody else. Take back the power of your own life. Fab WILL show you how to do just that.


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